Message Signs

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Messaging Signs are the most flexible signs that we offer. They offer you the option of having one sign that can function as a radar speed sign, a variable message sign (VMS), and a traffic data collector- all in one unit. Communicate your messages via words, graphics, emojis, and even moving animations.

Used by municipalities, law enforcement, colleges and universities, event venues, military bases, home owners associations, warehouses and more – anyone who manages roads, parking lots, or large groups of people can find good use for a message sign. They are also a very popular product for rental agencies. 

Choose from trailer-mounted or pole-mounted options.

The Street Dynamics MC360 message sign and speed trailer

MC 360

Message Center 360

The largest of our dynamic messaging signs, the MC360 is available with displays of 3’x6′ (.91m x 1.82m) or 4’x8’ (1.22 m x 2.43 m). Legible from up to 1,000’ (305 m) away with a radar range of up to 1,200’ (365 m), this messaging trailer can also include an optional ALPR/ANPR-ready (automated license plate recognition) power system. It can also be used as a radar speed trailer and as a traffic data collector.

Display text messages, images, and animations, and schedule them to appear days, weeks, or even years in advance with the MC360’s programmable calendar.


Pole-Mounted Graphic Display

Our most versatile sign, the PMG is most frequently used as a pole-mounted sign. However, it can be used as a radar speed sign, a traffic data collector, and a variable messaging sign to display virtually any message, graphic, or animation you desire. It can be mounted it to a pole or vehicle, or, using the optional handle and feet, can stand on its own anywhere you’d like.

The Street Dynamics Web Portal allows you to access any connected PMGs remotely. Update displayed messages, schedule message sequences months or even years in advance, and create reports with your collected traffic data. You can also connect to your PMG directly using a PC or via the “Speed Sign” app (available for iOS and Android).

Add an MUTCD-compliant “YOUR SPEED” frame to instantly transform your sign into a traffic calming device perfect for school zones, HOAs, and busy streets in your community. 

The PMG can also be paired with our Flood Sensors or other NTCIP and external trigger devices to automatically send alerts about road closures or other hazardous driving conditions ahead. 

The Street Dynamics PMG, a pole-mounted message sign and radar speed sign in one.
The TripleSign can have any design you can think of!


Three Messages, One Simple Sign

The Triplesign is a Rotating Prism Sign, with each of the 3 faces of the triangular prisms carrying a unique message.

When paired with the optional solar panel, the Triplesign is fully self-sufficient, and can save you over $10,000 in electricity and board maintenance over its lifetime a similarly-sized LED VMS system.

It offers almost unlimited use cases, ranging from school zones to parking lots to weigh stations to highways and more, offering an inexpensive, easy-to-install solution for streets both urban and remote.


Message Sign FAQs

Are Variable Message Signs Effective?

Variable message signs are very effective, and they are also very cost-effective because they can serve so many purposes.

Radar equipped messaging signs can be used as “SLOW DOWN”/ “YOUR SPEED” signs, and can also be equipped with strobes in a variety of colors to attract even more attention.

Because they have larger display screens, they can also function as a way to convey either singular messages or a series of message screens for longer messages. Our message signs even allow you to design graphics and animations. 

Message signs can be used by law enforcement agencies, municipalities, HOAs, schools, businesses, event planners, construction companies, and so many more organizations. 

What Kind of Messages Can Messaging Signs and Trailers Display?

The MC360 and PMG can be programmed to display just about any message you desire, including text-based messages, graphics, animations, and emojis. You can also program sequences of messages to be triggered, such as “TOO FAST” followed by “SLOW DOWN.”

How many pre-programmed messages do the MC360 and PMG come with? Are they optional, or is this an upgrade?

The MC360 comes with over 300 pre-programmed alert messages, arrows, and animations. The PMG come with roughly 100 preset messages and graphics, depending on the sign size you select, when purchased with the text and graphics option.

Do Message Signs Collect Traffic Data?

Yes! All of our message signs can be purchased with our famous radar, and also collect traffic data about the speed, timing, and count of passing traffic. This data can be easily transferred via USB to the Easy Analyst software, where you can easily create beautiful graphics, reports, and diagrams for grant applications, municipal use, traffic enforcement use, and more. You can also pair PMGs equipped with 4G to the Street Dynamics Web Portal to access your traffic data remotely.

What Power Options Are Available?

All Street Dynamics messaging signs come with a wide variety of options to power your sign including batteries, AC power, and/or solar power.

Are Messaging Signs MUTCD compliant?

Yes, but MUTCD compliance depends on how you use the available features.

Are Street Dynamics Messaging Signs and Trailers NTCIP Compliant?

Yes, our message signs are able to be configured to be NTCIP-compliant.

Do the Signs Come with Any Warranties?

Yes. The MC360 comes with a 5 year warranty, and the PMG comes with a 2 year (+1 additional year optional) warranty.

Where are Street Dynamics Products Manufactured?

All the radar units for our radar speed signs and speed trailers are assembled at our facility in Richardson, Texas, USA. The all-steel trailers for the MC360s are manufactured just a few miles away at another local facility. Street Dynamics is Buy America Act and Buy American Act compliant.