Easy Analyst Software

Full-Color, Data-Rich Reports in Just a Few Clicks


All of Street Dynamic’s radar-equipped speed signs and trailers, in addition to the Traffic Data Collector, come with the ability to collect data about vehicle speeds, traffic flow, vehicle classifications, and more.

With Easy Analyst, you can transform this data into beautiful reports, charts, and graphics that can be used by for law enforcement agencies, city planning agencies, HOAs, school districts, and other stakeholders. These reports are also formatted to be useful during the grant application process.

Easy and intuitive enough for anyone to start using it immediately, Easy Analyst provides a depth of information that can be used to address just about any traffic concern your neighborhood, city, or agency is facing.

Easy Analyst

Turn Your Traffic Data into Useful Reports for Grant Applications, City Councils, and Department Use With Easy Analyst Software.

The very first step of the grant application process is to define the need. Whether for adjusting a speed limit, purchasing a speed/message sign, or allocating department resources, properly assembled traffic data can make all the difference between a winning or losing application.

Powerful traffic statistic tools are essential when analyzing aggregate data. Once you’ve decided on your favorite report style, you can save it as a template for future use.

Available Traffic Data Reports

Screenshot of the Easy Analyst software
  • Speed Compliance Report
  • Speed Enforcement Report
  • Traffic Volume Report
  • Speed Profile Report
  • Traffic Density Report
  • Traffic Matrix Report
  • Speed vs. Time bubble
  • Survey Description
  • Survey map
  • Count vs. Delta Speed
  • Survey Summary
  • Count vs. Time
  • Count vs. Speed
  • Average Speed vs. Time
  • Daily Vehicle Count
  • Speed Volume Matrix
  • Speed Percentile
  • Violation Rate
  • Enforcement Schedule

Easy Analyst Gives You Multiple Report Options

Most reports have several formats available for your final images, including bar graphs, bubble charts, line graphs, stacked bars, and tabular display. You can also choose to include a map of the location of your survey.

Once you have chosen your report, you can print it, save it as a .PDF, or export it as an Excel file.

Ready to start collecting traffic data?