Street Dynamics Radar Speed Signs

Many studies have concluded that radar speed signs are very effective at slowing down traffic and creating safer streets.

All of our radar speed signs are powered by the same radar technology that is used by over 85% of State Police Agencies in the United States, so you know that you can count on them to be accurate, durable, and reliable, year after year.

Choose from our pole-mounted radar speed signs and speed trailers to create the most effective traffic calming system for your community.


Pole-Mounted Graphic Display

Available in 3 sizes, the PMG can be used as a radar speed sign, a traffic data collector, and a variable messaging sign to display virtually any message or graphic that you desire. It is also the only NTCIP-compliant pole-mounted message sign on the market today.

Remote access to your PMG is available via the Street Dynamics Web Portal, or via desktop software or an app (available for both iOS and Android). Design messages, create a message display calendar, and generate traffic data reports – all in just a few clicks!

The PMG radar speed sign can be mounted to a pole or vehicle, or you can use it freestanding with its optional handle and feet.

Optional external triggers allow the sign to be paired with our Flood Sensors and other NTCIP-enabled equipment to warn drivers about water on the road, fire trucks entering the roadway, and more. Other available options include white, amber, or red/blue strobes and solar power.

The PMG radar speed sign can also function as a variable message sign and traffic data collector.


Speed Awareness Monitor

The Speed Awareness Monitor, or SAM, is a smaller radar speed trailer that offers big capabilities. Featuring 18” amber LED characters that are legible from distances of up to 1,000’ (305 m), this radar speed trailer can detect vehicle speed up to 1,200’ (366 m) away and collect traffic statistics with its built-in K-band Doppler radar.


Speed Awareness Monitor with Rotating Mast

The SAM-R is everything the SAM radar speed sign is, and a little bit more. Still featuring our famous K-band radar for speed and traffic data collection, and an 18” LED character display, the SAM-R’s display is also able to rotate, making it much easier to set up anywhere you need a radar speed trailer.


Message Center 360

Our flagship radar speed trailer, the MC360 offers the largest display board options of any of our signs (up to 4’x8’/1.22m x 2.44m, and 3’x6′ / .91m x 1.82m), variable messaging capabilities, programmable 365-day calendar, speed detection, traffic data collection, and optional ALPR/ANPR-ready (automated license plate recognition) power system.

The MC360 truly does it all!

Radar Speed Signs FAQs

Are Radar Speed Signs Effective?

Radar speed signs are proven to slow down traffic by as much as 9 MPH¹. These slow down signs are also most effective on drivers who are speeding the most.

A radar speed sign works best as a tool to target speed enforcement efforts. All of our radar speed signs offer the option of traffic data collection. This allows you to collect information about the number of cars that are speeding, their classification, the days and times when speeding happens the most, and more. Law enforcement officers can use this information to time their speed enforcement efforts so that they are the most effective.

Are Radar Speed Signs Accurate?

Radar speed signs have highly sensitive radars that are accurate for measuring vehicle speeds. Street Dynamics radar traffic speed signs and trailers are accurate to +/- 1 mph when properly installed and configured.

There are still instances, however, where drivers notice that the speeds shown on a radar speed sign don’t match the speeds shown on their speedometers.

This can be caused by several factors. First, the speed displayed on the sign is most accurate when the vehicle and sign are within a certain narrow range of angles to each other. This explains why your speed appears to be decreasing just before you pass a radar speed sign, even when your actual speed hasn’t changed.

Secondly, the radar speed sign is designed to show the fastest speed that it can detect at any given moment. This speed may be coming from your car or a vehicle in another lane.

Third, vehicle speedometers aren’t always accurate, especially if you have changed the diameter of your tires from the original tires that were installed when the car was manufactured. And if your tires are worn down, your speedometer may read faster than your actual speed.

Law enforcement officers use their own radar or lidar systems during speed enforcement operations that function differently than the radar in speed signs, so the angles and other factors affecting sign accuracy discussed above don’t affect their readings in the same way.

Do Radar Speed Signs Issue Tickets?

No. Any automattically issued tickets come from photo enforcement equipment, not traditional radar speed signs. Our signs are designed as a method to communicate with drivers, helping to create awareness and nudging them to slow down to the safer posted speed in the area.

Our signs can also be purchased with the option of tracking traffic data. This information can be given to the law enforcement branch responsible for speed enforcement in your area, and can help them see when the peak times for speeding occur so they can effectively time their enforcement efforts to have the greatest impact.

Should I Pick a Trailer-Mounted or Pole-Mounted Sign?

If you need a radar speed sign that can be easily moved and set up in moments, then one of our radar speed trailers is for you. They feature solid all-steel construction and graffiti-resistant paint, and all models can be easily moved by one person.  The MC360 and SAM-R trailers feature signs that can be rotated 90 degrees for ease of towing, and then can be positioned at any angle once in position to create the best visibility based on the location you have chosen.

PMGs are a great choice for a set-it-and-forget it traffic calming and messaging solution for neighborhoods, school zones, and other areas where you’d like to have a semi-permanent sign and don’t have room for a trailer or the need to frequently move your sign. When paired with optional solar panels, the sign can run indefinitely.

Do I Need a Radar Speed Sign or A Messaging Trailer?

All of our radar speed signs and messaging trailers feature our famous K-Band radar to accurately measure, display, record traffic speeds, and record traffic statistics. If all you will ever need to do with your sign is measure speed, then signs such as our SAM or SAM-R models will work great for you. But if you think you’ll ever want to display any sort of message, graphic, or animation- including things as simple as a “SLOW DOWN” message when a driver is exceeding a preset speed threshold- then you will want to choose between the MC360 or the PMG.

Do I Need a Large Trailer or Will a Smaller Sign Work for Me?

The main advantage of our larger trailer and sign options is the increased range. The large screen size of the MC360 radar speed trailer allows it to be legible from up to 1000’ (305 m) away, and the larger size of the trailer is able to accommodate a radar that can detect speeds from up to 1,200’ (365 m) away.

That being said, even our smallest trailer and pole-mounted radar speed sign options are legible and can detect speeds from up to 600’ (183 m) away.

Do Your Radar Speed Signs and Messaging Trailers Collect Traffic Data?

Yes, all of our radar speed trailers and messaging signs can collect traffic data when you add the optional Statistics Package, which can then be downloaded and plugged into our proprietary Easy Analyst software. Create beautiful charts, graphics, and reports to submit for grants, to city councils, or to law enforcement agencies to support your traffic safety efforts.

Do Your Signs Come with Flashing Strobe Lights?

You can add white, amber, or red/blue strobe lights to any of our radar speed signs or speed trailers (available colors vary by sign/trailer).

In addition, you can add a simulated camera flash to the mini-message trailer.

How Difficult Is It to Set Up My New Radar Speed Sign?

For the most part, all of our radar speed signs and messaging trailers are “plug-and-play” ready, especially if you have chosen one of our pre-programmed message or animation packs. If the pre-programmed options don’t quite match what you want to say, new messages, graphics, and animations can be easily added via a variety of input methods, depending on the device, including console,  the iOS and Android apps, the PC-based software, or the web-based remote access site.

The radar portion of your sign also arrives ready for use. A quick tuning fork test assures that your sign is receiving and recording data. 

Should I Choose the Battery or Solar Option?

Solar is a great option to add onto most signs and trailers, as it can extend the running life of your sign almost indefinitely. However, if you will be using your sign in areas with frequent fog or overcast weather, then solar by itself may not be able to create enough power to operate your sign without interruption. Our friendly sales representatives can help you figure out the best solution for your individual needs.

Battery life varies between sign models and is shorter in areas with more traffic as more traffic data will be stored and the lights will be displaying more frequent messages. Our signs are equipped with efficient LED lights that feature Pulse Width Modulation to keep the display consistent throughout the battery’s discharge cycle and to extend battery life for as long as possible. 

Can any of these signs and trailers be used as “Your Speed” signs?

Yes, they can. The MC360 can be programmed to read “YOUR SPEED” on the screen and can acquire the speed of vehicles from up to 1200’ (365 m) away. “YOUR SPEED” FRAMES are included with the SAM and SAM-R trailers, and can optionally be added to the PMG radar speed sign.

Are Street Dynamics Radar Speed Signs and Messaging Signs MUTCD compliant?

Yes, they are MUTCD-compliant.

Are Street Dynamics Radar Messaging Signs and Trailers NTCIP Compliant?

The MC360 and PMG are NTCIPcompliant when equipped with appropriate communication options.

Where are Street Dynamics Radar Products Manufactured?

All of the radar units for our radar speed signs and speed trailers are assembled at our facility in Richardson, Texas, USA. The all-steel trailers are manufactured just a few miles away another local facility. Street Dynamics is both Buy America Act and Buy American Act compliant.