Radar Speed Trailers

Accurate, Reliable Traffic Calming On-The-Go

Drivers are speeding at the highest rates in years, which is dangerous in any area, but can be deadly in construction zones, during community events, and during inclement weather.

Speed trailers allow you to take your speed reduction efforts to exactly where they are needed most. And with Street Dynamics’ traffic data features (standard on the SAM and SAM-R and optional on the MC360), you get instant feedback on how your sign is affecting traffic speeds near your sign.

SAM Radar Speed Trailers

Speed Awareness Monitors

Easy to move and easy to customize for any location, the SAM radar speed trailers feature a speed limit sign with easy-to-change numbers, so your speed trailers can be used on any street or highway in your community without the need to order a massive collection of unique speed limit signs to bring along.

Visible from distances of up to 1,000’ (305 m), the SAM can detect vehicle speeds from up to 1,200’ (366 m) away, and collects traffic statistics using its built-in Stalker K-band Doppler radar.

Street Dynamics SAM speed trailer. Perfect for work zones, school zones, HOAs, and wherever you need to calm traffic.
Street Dynamics SAM-R speed trailer. Small, lightweight, and easy to tow anywhere you need a radar speed sign.

SAM-R Radar Speed Trailers

Speed Awareness Monitors with Rotating Masts

Packing more punch into a smaller package, the SAM-R gives you the same range and visibility as the SAM, with a rotating mast that makes it even easier to set up anywhere.

MC360 Variable Message Sign

Message Center 360

Slow down traffic in a big way with the MC360, our largest and most eye-catching radar speed trailer. Because it is also a variable message sign, the MC360 allows you to share any important messages with passing drivers. Schedule messages in advance using the programmable 365-day calendar, and add optional traffic data collection, ALPR/ANPR (automated license plate recognition), and strobes to customize the MC360 to meet your exact needs. NTCIP and MUTCD-compliant settings available.

Street Dynamics MC360. Large variable message sign with optional radar speed capabilities.

Radar Speed Trailer FAQ’s

Do Speed Trailers Work?

Speed trailers can definitely slow down traffic, and they are most effective for drivers who are speeding the most.

People respond best when they understand why they need to slow down in a given area. For example, studies show that drivers slow down more when they see that they are in a school zone, or when they see road work actively being performed, as opposed to when they simply see a “SLOW DOWN” sign with no other context. Therefore, it is important to place your sign in the right place to make it most effective.

Many drivers speed because they get distracted. Adding flashing strobes to your speed trailer can help catch drivers’ attention. You can also program many speed trailers to flash messages like “SLOW DOWN” or “TOO FAST” when drivers are exceeding a certain speed threshold.

Speed trailers work well by themselves, and when combined with attention-grabbing features and speed enforcement efforts, can quickly become an indispensable tool in your traffic calming mission.

Are Speed Trailers Difficult to Tow?

Street Dynamic’s speed trailers are very easy to tow. Many models feature rotating masts that allow you to park your trailer facing any direction and then angle the display to be most visible from the road. You can also tow the trailer with the display placed parallel to the direction of travel, making your sign as aerodynamic as possible. The trailers are also strong yet lightweight, and can be towed by almost any kind of vehicle.

Can I Set Up A Radar Speed Trailer By Myself?

Yes! We have designed our speed trailers to be simple to tow and fast to set up, even by just one person.

What Is The Radar Range of a Speed Trailer?

Street Dynamics speed trailers feature a K-band radar that is capable of detecting vehicle speeds from up to 1,200 feet (365 meters).  Actual detection distance depends on several factors, such as how level your road is and if the sign is facing a curve in the road.

Do I Need a Radar Speed Sign or A Messaging Trailer?

All of our radar speed signs and messaging trailers feature our famous K-Band radar to accurately measure, display, record traffic speeds, and record traffic statistics. If all you will ever need to do with your sign is measure speed, then signs such as our SAM or SAM-R models will work great for you. But if you think you’ll ever want to display any sort of message, graphic, or animation- including things as simple as a “SLOW DOWN” message when a driver is exceeding a preset speed threshold- then you will want to choose between the MC360 or the PMG.

How Far Away Can Drivers Read a Speed Trailer?

The legibility of your speed trailer depends on the size of the trailer’s display. Our trailers feature a legibility rage of between 850-1000 feet (259-305 meters), depending on the model you choose. All of our speed trailers feature bright amber LED lights, which have been shown to function best under the variable light conditions your road will experience.

Note: There is a difference between sign visibility and sign legibility. Just because a driver can see that there is a light of some sort off in the distance doesn’t mean that they can read the speed or message displayed on a sign. This is why we choose to refer to the legibility of our speed trailers when sharing their specifications with our customers.

What Power Options Are Available On Speed Trailers?

All of our radar trailers come standard with battery power that can be charged with an AC connection. You can also choose to add solar panels to your speed trailers, allowing for nearly indefinite field operation. 

Are Street Dynamics Trailers Durable?

Definitely! Our trailers feature solid all-steel construction and graffiti-resistant paint.

What Trailer Color Options Are Available?

While most of the images on our website feature our trailers in our signature Street Dynamics Blue, we can customize your trailer with any color paint you desire, including high-visibility Construction Orange.

What Kind of Radar is Used in Street Dynamics Speed Trailers?

Our radar speed trailers feature K-band units manufactured by Stalker Radar. Stalker manufactures the radar used by over 85% of state police agencies in the US.

Can Speed Trailers Collect Traffic Data?

All of our speed trailers equipped with radar can collect traffic data. As part of the Traffic Statistics Package, you will also receive access to the Easy Analyst software, which allows you to turn your traffic data into reports, charts, and graphics in just a few clicks!

Are Speed Trailers MUTCD compliant?

The Street Dynamics MC360 radar speed trailer is MUTCD-compliant.

Are Street Dynamics Radar Messaging Signs and Trailers NTCIP Compliant?

The MC360 speed trailer (as well as our PMG pole-mounted radar speed and messaging sign) can both be equipped with NTCIP-compliant communication options.

Where are Street Dynamics Radar Products Manufactured?

All of the radar units for our radar speed signs and speed trailers are assembled at our facility in Richardson, Texas, USA. The all-steel trailers are manufactured just a few miles away another local facility. Street Dynamics is both Buy America Act and Buy American Act compliant.