The Street Dynamics PMG

More Than Just a Radar Speed Sign

PMG your speed signs displaying a variety of messages and speeds.

The Street Dynamics PMG (Pole Mounted Graphic Display) is the most versatile radar speed sign you can purchase on the market today. Powered by the same radar technology used by over 85% of US State Police Agencies, this speed sign is an effective tool in your quest to slow down speeders, communicate important messages, and, most importantly, to save lives.

Available in 3 character heights: 12″, 15″, and 18″

Pick your PMG sign size based on road speed / viewing distance.

A Powerful Radar Speed Sign

Display Vehicle Speeds

The PMG radar speed sign can accurately record vehicle speeds and classifications in both directions, and display approaching traffic speed almost instantaneously. Trigger flashing displays, optional white, amber, or red/blue strobes when certain speed conditions are met, or program your sign to display “SLOW DOWN” warnings in conjunction with preset speed thresholds.

Move Anywhere


Even with its durable construction, the PMG radar speed sign is lightweight and can be relocated with our two-part mount, so as traffic patterns change and your city’s needs evolve over time, the PMG can move with you.



Customize to Meet Your Needs



You can select from an optional collection of sign surrounds, including an MUTCD-Compliant “YOUR SPEED” option. The PMG radar speed sign also comes with an optional NTCIP compliant communications package to allow for integration into a centralized control system in a mixed manufacturer equipment environment.

EU Safety Standards


RoHS-compliant, so you know that your equipment is manufactured without the use of hazardous materials banned in the EU.

Low-Speed Model Available

There are low-speed, high risk environments where slower detection speeds are required, such as warehouses, supply yards, boating “no wake” areas, and other low speed, high-risk environments.

The new Low-Speed PMG model is designed to initially trigger at speeds as low as 3 MPH  (~5 km/h) for small vehicles, and can trigger at even lower speeds for larger targets. The Low-Speed PMG model can then display as low as 1 MPH after initial triggering.

The standard speed version of the PMG sign triggers at an initial speed of 5 MPH (~8 km/h).

A Versatile Message Center

Display Graphics and Messages

While a “SLOW DOWN” sign is exactly what many HOAs, municipalities, and law enforcement agencies are looking for, that functionality is just scratching the surface of what the PMG radar speed sign is truly capable of.

It can also be used to show any message or graphic that you desire. Its full-matrix design can be programmed to show any character, number, or shape – it is not just a speed sign! You can also string together a series of messages together into sequences if you have more information to communicate.

Street Dynamics Portal

The Street Dynamics Web Portal

The Street Dynamics Web Portal makes working with your connected PMGs quick and easy. As long as you have an internet connection, you can remotely create and edit messages, add new events to the display calendar, and access all the traffic data collected by your PMGs – right from your office, a coffee shop, a hotel, your home… anywhere!

Create Custom Text Messages and Graphics

With the Street Dynamics Web Portal, a few clicks is all it takes to create a new text message or graphic on your connected PMGs. Link several messages together to create sequences, and decide what vehicle speeds will trigger your messages and alerts to display.

Schedule Messages to Appear on Your Sign

Program your sign to automatically display selected messages based on date and time using the calendar feature. You can schedule messages months or even years in advance.

Publish Detailed Reports of Your Traffic Data

Publish detailed traffic data reports in just a few clicks. Choose from a variety of report and chart types. Share your reports instantly via email, or download them as PDFs.

A Proactive Life-Saving Device

External Triggers

An important part of creating safer roads is delivering the right message at the right time. That is why we offer several methods of triggering your radar speed sign automatically.

The PMG’s optional External Trigger controller allows the unit to receive external signals from other alert systems to start, change, or stop a message or a sequence of actions. For example, a department can trigger a PMG to read “STOP” or “FIRE TRUCK” when the garage door of your fire station opens, clearing the way for your first responders to safely exit the station.

Flood Sensor

Finally, you can attach your PMG radar speed sign to up to three of our flood sensors PMG Flood Sensor. Set the sensors up along various parts of your road that are likely to flood. When a storm hits and a sensor is submerged, your PMG will be automatically triggered to display progressive alerts such as “FLOOD AREA”, “HIGH WATER” or “ROAD CLOSED.”

A Critical Data Collection Tool

Automatically Collect Traffic Data

The PMG, along with all our other radar-equipped speed & message signs, is designed to collect and store the traffic data information generated due to passing vehicles. Your PMG will automatically gather information about the number of passing vehicles, their speed, and their classification (small car, semi-truck, etc.).

Turn Your Data Into Graphs and Reports

Once your radar speed sign has collected the data you need, you can download it with our PC tool or as an option, a USB thumb drive and upload it into our Easy Analyst software. Create full-color charts and reports that you can use to support speed enforcement efforts, apply for grants, or submit to city planning and capital improvement committees. 

The Easy Analyst software is included with every PMG sign for free, and there are no monthly fees. Generate as many custom reports as you want and use them to communicate traffic data with local law enforcement, municipalities, city planning departments, and more.

Power Options

Battery Backpack

Add up to four batteries to the back of your PMG sign for extended operating time between recharging.

Solar Power

Add a solar panel to your PMG for nearly unlimited sign life with no need to swap batteries.

AC/DC Power

Connect directly to either AC or DC power sources for constant power

Mounting Options

Vehicle Hitch Mount

Allows you to mount your radar speed sign to any vehicle with a standard trailer hitch for stationary use.

Standard Pole Mounting

Attach your PMG to round & square metal or wood poles and posts.

All you need from a radar speed sign, and more.

A School Zone Sign


  • The PMG is the perfect School Zone sign. Not only is it a radar speed sign that can be programmed with a variety of messages depending on how fast drivers are going, but it can also be used to communicate any other message with drivers and parents that you’d like!
  • Optional Emojis. When school zone speed signs use a smiley face emojis to indicate driving at or below the speed limit and sad face emojis to indicate speeding, studies have shown children can positively reinforce their parent’s safe driving habits by requesting that they “make the sign smile.” This is a fun way to remind drivers to drive at the speed limit, and also sends a subtle message to young minds about the importance of following traffic regulations.
  • Schools especially appreciate our included scheduling application that allows them to program the speed limits and messages to be shown based upon their academic calendar and the hours students are entering or leaving campus.

A Slow Down Sign


  • Many neighborhoods, school zones, office parks, and shopping centers utilize the PMG as a “SLOW DOWN” sign that notifies drivers of their speed.
  • In addition to showing the driver’s speed in numbers, the PMG radar speed sign can also be programmed to show various flashes, messages, and warnings based upon speed. For instance, you may have the speed start flashing if the driver is going 5 MPH over the speed limit, and then you may have the sign show a “TOO FAST” message if the driver is going more than 10 MPH over the limit. You can even positively reinforce good driving behaviors by showing a “THANK YOU” message to drivers who are driving at or below the speed limit.
  • Optional attention-getting strobes are available in white, amber, and red/blue that can be triggered at the speed threshold of your choice.
  • Simulated camera flash to help slow down speeders.

A Radar Speed Sign


  • Bright LED display with three height options that can clearly communicate up to 900’ away (18″ PMG).​
  • Track vehicle speeds up to 900’ (275 m) away.*​ (18″ PMG)
  • Available in 3 display heights: 12”, 15”, and 18”.
  • MUTCD-compliant surrounds and display of driver speed for the appropriate time intervals.
  • The PMG’s lightweight design is relocatable. Drivers become accustomed to seeing flashing radar speed signs, and so they may gradually lose their impact over time. Moving your speed sign every so often gives you the opportunity to calm traffic in multiple areas of your city.

A Messaging Sign


  • Choose from a wide assortment of pre-programmed messages, graphics, and animations – or create your own!
  • The included PMG Configuration Application allows you to schedule messages and speed limit adjustments even years in advance.
  • Change your sign’s message quickly and easily via the PC-based PMG Configuration Application software or using the Speed Sign iOS and Android apps.
  • The PMG can be equipped with an External Trigger input controller so that you can create systems that will automatically trigger your sign based upon your selected signals. This can enable you to use your sign to notify drivers about icy roads, flooded streets, and more.
  • Also available is an NTCIP protocol module

A Warning Road Sign / Road Hazard Sign


  • If you have sections of road that are frequently affected by adverse weather conditions, you can mount a PMG radar speed sign in the area and either manually adjust the messaging when dangerous road conditions arise, or select from the External Trigger controller or and NTCIP protocol option to automatically switch the messaging shown.
  • Our Flood Sensor is designed to be paired with the PMG to notify drivers about rising water near the road. You can link up to three Flood Sensors together and set each one to trigger progressive alerts to show on your sign, such as “FLOOD AREA”, then “HIGH WATER”, then “ROAD CLOSED” depending on how unsafe driving conditions become.

A Traffic Data Collector


  • The PMG’s radar can be utilized to collect traffic data.
  • You can gather information about the number of passing vehicles, their speed, and their classification (small car, semi-truck, etc.)
  • The PMG’s radar is directional, so it is able to distinguish between “closing” traffic and “away” traffic. This allows you to understand your traffic patterns heading in either direction in greater detail.

We stand behind our products. That is why the PMG comes with a 2-year warranty on the sign (with an optional 1-year extension), and a 1-year warranty on the battery.