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Access all your connected devices remotely – right from your desk.

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Traditionally, most traffic calming and statistics collection devices have required that you physically go out to the site of your speed trailers and messaging signs, connect a laptop to the device via a USB cable, and stand there in busy traffic exposed to the elements while you make your changes or extract your traffic data.

But now, there is a better way.

The Street Dynamics Web Portal makes working with your connected devices quick and easy. As long as you have an internet connection, you can remotely create and edit messages, add new events to the display calendar of your PMGs, and access all the traffic data collected by your PMGs and TDC 2s – right from your office, a coffee shop, a hotel, your home… anywhere!

Create Custom Text Messages and Graphics for PMGs

With the Street Dynamics Web Portal, a few clicks is all it takes to create a new text message or graphic on your connected PMGs. Link several messages together to create sequences, and decide what vehicle speeds will trigger your messages and alerts to display.

Schedule Messages to Appear on Your PMGs

Program your sign to automatically display selected messages based on date and time using the calendar feature. You can schedule messages months or even years in advance.

Schedule Data Collection Times on your TDC 2s

Adjust the settings on your TDC 2 to collect traffic data continuously, or only during certain days or times.

Publish Detailed Reports of The Traffic Data Collected By Your PMGs and TDC 2s

Publish detailed traffic data reports in just a few clicks. Choose from a variety of report and chart types. Share your reports instantly via email, or download them as PDFs.

Learn How the Street Dynamics Web Portal Works


See for yourself how easy it is to compose a new message and send it to your PMG, create new scheduled messages for your PMG, configure your TDC 2 settings, and check your traffic data statistics for all your connected devices – all from the comfort of your desk!

The Street Dynamics Web Portal is Perfect for:

Law Enforcement Agencies

Municipalities and Public Works

Parks & Recreation

School Districts and Campuses

City Planners and Organizers

Homeowners Associations


Full Access

View all your connected devices through one Portal anywhere with an internet connection 24/7/365.

Instant Messaging

Edit, create, and schedule messages within just a few clicks.

Knowledge is Power

Instantly view, download, or email traffic data reports that show traffic patterns, vehicle classifications, 85th percentile speeds, recommended enforcement windows, and more.

Your Data is Safe

Secure cloud-based redundant storage with backup.

Unlimited Users

Each Street Dynamics Web Portal account allows for unlimited users with a variety of access levels.

Full Access on Any Device

A web-based Portal means no software to install, no updates, and no ties to a particular device. Access the Portal with most major web browsers on multiple platforms.

Street Dynamics Web Portal Subscription Plan Details

      • Each subscription to the Street Dynamics Web Portal gives you unlimited access for unlimited users to one connected Stalker Street Dynamics device.

      • Choose between a 1, 2, or 3-year subscription.

      • Quantity discounts are available.

The Street Dynamics Web Portal is only available on 4G-equipped PMGs and TDC 2s at this time.

Web Portal Subscription Terms and Conditions

Customer can cancel service at any time, however, any remaining subscription fee is nonrefundable. Subscription automatically renews upon contract expiration.

Only 4G-equipped devices are able to connect to the Street Dynamics Web Portal. 4G service fees are included in the Street Dynamics Web Portal subscription. Subscriber is responsible for assuring that their device is placed in an area with acceptable 4G cellular coverage.