Bring Safer Streets
to Your Community


Street Dynamics radar speed signs, message signs, and speed trailers are proven to slow down traffic, create safer and more enjoyable communities, and save lives. 

Our radar technology is used by more U.S. State Police Agencies than all other radar companies combined, so you can rest assured that your residents will be protected by the most accurate and reliable street safety equipment available on the market today.

Street Dynamics Web Portal
Street Dynamics PMG radar speed sign and variable message sign to slow down traffic

Radar Speed Signs

Calm traffic with “YOUR SPEED” signs. Choose between pole-mounted and trailer-mounted options.

Street Dynamics MC360 messaging sign and radar speed trailer for traffic calming

Message Signs

Variable message signs that allow you to clearly communicate with drivers using words and images.

Street Dynamics SAM radar speed trailer with solar panel. Variable speed sign that is easy to tow.

Speed Trailers

Your radar speed sign on-the-go with a radar speed trailer. High visibility and industry-leading range.

Web Portal

Remotely access your connected devices, update messages, calendar, and create traffic data reports.

Traffic Data

Collect traffic data, then create reports with the Street Dynamics Web Portal or Easy Analyst Software.

The Web Portal to Safety

Street Dynamics Web Portal Logo
Street Dynamics Web Portal interface shown on a monitor.

The Street Dynamics Web Portal

This all-in-one device management and data analysis software allows you to manage all your connected devices from a single interface. Whether it’s your connected PMG radar and message signs or your TDC 2 traffic statistics counters, control is just a few clicks away. With the built-in analysis software, the creation and publishing of reports for interpreting traffic trends is simple and straightforward.

Create a Complete Traffic Safety Ecosystem

Street Dynamics Web Portal

Street Dynamics Portal

Street Dynamics Web Portal

Pole Mounted Full-Matrix Graphic Display (PMG)

Street Dynamics Web Portal

Message Center 360

Street Dynamics Web Portal

Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM)

Street Dynamics Web Portal


All of the Street Dynamics radar speed signs, message trailers, and traffic data collectors work together to create a complete Traffic Safety Ecosystem. 

The best traffic calming systems will be easy to move and set up, because every city has more than one “problem street” where drivers tend to go faster than they should. And every system should also collect traffic data so you can make sure that your traffic calming efforts are actually working to slow traffic down. Fortunately, Street Dynamics offers both. 

Our Traffic Calming and Speed Enforcement Products Can Be Used By:


Law Enforcement

Parks & Rec

Public Works

Construction Companies


Colleges, Universities, and Schools

Business & Warehouses

Marinas & "No Wake" Zones

Emergency Management Agencies

Rental Agencies

Military Bases

Made in the USA

Street Dynamics’ radar speed signs, messaging trailers, and traffic data collection devices are proudly manufactured in the USA, at facilities in the greater Dallas area. You can rest assured that, anytime you need us, the very people who manufactured your Street Dynamics equipment are standing by and ready to help.


We are:

      • Buy America Compliant
      • Buy American Compliant
      • ISO-9001:2015 Certified

And many of our products are:

      • MUTCD-compliant,
      • NTCIP-compliant, and/or
      • RoHS-compliant

About Street Dynamics

Applied Concepts, Inc., the parent company of Stalker Street Dynamics, Stalker Radar, and Stalker Sport, has been in business since 1975. Our Stalker Radar line of radar and Lidar products is used by over 85% of state law enforcement agencies in the United States, and we bring the same level of accuracy, rugged durability, and customer service to our Stalker Street Dynamics line of traffic safety products.

Our background in law enforcement equipment has given us a unique perspective on traffic calming and traffic safety. The officers we work with every day know first-hand how dangerous speeding can be, and our mission is to help every city, town, borough, township, parish, county, and neighborhood keep their motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians safe.

We do this by helping municipalities, schools, HOAs, and law enforcement agencies communicate both speeds and messages effectively with drivers and collect the traffic data that helps inform the important policy and civil engineering decisions that they make as they build and enhance their communities.