PMG your speed signs displaying a variety of messages and speeds.

The Street Dynamics 


The Triplesign gives you the flexibility to display three messages in one sign. Choose to rotate the prisms continuously, or change the message only when the need arises – it’s up to you!

Three Messages – One Simple Sign

A new spin on road safety

The Triplesign from Street Dynamics features triangular prisms that can rotate to display three individual messages, giving you the power of a Variable Message Sign without the maintenance or expense of an LED model.

Works in all environments

Rust-resistant components, powerful motors, and an optional Polar Guard system with heating elements allow the Triplesign to function anywhere, from marine environments to the harshest winter conditions.

How It Works

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

The TripleSign can have any design you can think of!

2 Sizes, Any Message

Select either the small (43.5″ x 45.8″) or large (60.3″ x 70.1″) sign, then choose any 3 messages. The reflective sign material is easily seen by motorists night and day, and is also recognized by Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Traffic Sign Recognition Systems (TSRs).

the TripleSign's rotating blades

Take It For A Spin

Your messages are affixed to the Triplesign’s triangular prisms. A patented chainless rotation system is immune to rust, and the optional Polar Heating Element can be added on to allow the prisms to freely rotate even in icy and snowy conditions. 

triplesign controllers

Change It Up

The Triplesign can be rotated manually, via a handheld controller, or remotely by utilizing the Triplesign’s web-based app. Switch messages instantly as road conditions change, or preschedule your sign to change using the app’s scheduling features.

Coming soon: The Triplesign will soon be able to integrate with the Street Dynamics Web Portal, which will allow you to remotely access it along with the rest of your connected network of Street Dynamics products.


Roads With Dynamic Speed Limits

Road Construction

Animal Crossing Zones

High Wind Areas

Loading Zones

School Zones

Parking Lots

Road Closures

HOV Lanes Open/Closed

Icy Bridge Warnings

Directing Event Traffic

Weigh Stations

Flood Zones

Unattended Railroad Crossings

Alternate Routes

Save Time

Other than an occasional visual inspection and a quick cleaning if your sign gets dirty, there is absolutely no required maintenance on the Triplesign.

After approximately twenty years of operation, the self-contained motors require a quick replacement, and then your sign is back in business for an additional twenty years!

Save Money

Not only is the Triplesign more inexpensive to purchase than a similarly-sized LED sign, but its operational costs are also significantly less.

When connected to city power, the sign draws a mere 1 Watt of power per hour, consuming less power in an entire day than the typical US household consumes in 1.2 minutes.

Finally, with a lifespan of up to 40 years, the Triplesign has up to 4x the life expectancy of its LED counterpart.

a driver viewing the triplesign through their window

Future-Proof Design

Many vehicles use Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that use vehicle-mounted cameras to adjust the speed limit shown on the vehicle’s center-console map display. Because the Triplesign uses the same prismatic reflective graphics as standard speed limit signs, vehicles are able to recognize when you use your Triplesign to change the speed limit. This feature also makes the Triplesign Traffic Sign Recognition Systems (TSR) compliant.

Fun Fact:

The Triplesign saves over $10,000 in electricity and board maintenance over the sign’s lifetime vs. a similarly-sized LED-driven VMS sign!

Choose from 2 sizes

Power Options

Battery + Solar

An optional solar panel and battery system gives the Triplesign the ability to operate in even the most remote locations.

City Power

Connect directly to your city’s power, and run your sign on an average of just 24 Watts of power per day.


Cabinet Size 43.5″ x 45.8″ (1106 mm x 1165 mm) 60.3″ x 70.1″ (1532 mm x 1780 mm)
Display Size 33.2″ x 36.2″ (843 mm x 920 mm) 49.9″ x 60.4″ (1267 mm x 1535 mm)
Prisms 8 12
Weight 92.6 lbs. (42 kg) 211.7 lbs. (96 kg)
Weight with batteries 141 lbs. (64 kg) 260.2 lbs. (118 kg)
Weight with batteries and mounting bracket 167.6 lbs. (76 kg) 315.3 lbs. (143 kg)
Ingress Rating IP56 IP56
Power Consumption 1 watt/hour 1 watt/hour
Polar Guard System (optional) (optional)
Warranty 3 years 3 years

Easy Installation

The Triplesign can be installed in just a few hours, and when paired with a solar panel, requires no excavation or connection to city power supplies. Mount it to a pole, over-the-road gantry, or building, or you can even mount it on a truck for mobile deployment.

We stand behind our products. That is why the Triplesign comes with a 3-year warranty.