Winter Maintenance Tips For your Street Dynamics SAM and Message Center 360 Speed and Message Trailers.

Winter can be especially hard on equipment left outdoors. Proper maintenance can preserve the life of your sign’s batteries, solar panels, and display. 

Maintaining your Street Dynamics signs only involves a few simple steps:

1. Winter Battery Maintenance

Every 30 Days – Check BATTERY FLUID levels.

If water is required, use ONLY distilled water. Do not overfill. Each BATTERY has a FILL TUBE that should touch the water when full.

Every 90-120 Days – Charge the BATTERY BANK with on-board AC CHARGER.

Charge for 48 hours minimum or until fully charged. Make sure the nuts are tight on all battery terminals and the terminals and connections are clean and dry.

The battery box of the Street Dynamics SAM Radar Speed Trailer.
The solar panel of the Street Dynamics SAM radar speed trailer.

2. Solar Panel Care

To ensure your battery system operates up to your expectations, it is necessary to periodically check the surface of the SOLAR PANEL MODULES for dust or dirt. A dirty SOLAR PANEL drastically reduces the ability of the panel to maintain the BATTERY CHARGE and can cause premature BATTERY FAILURE. Clean the SOLAR PANEL FACE with a soft cloth and non-abrasive soap with warm water. The SOLAR PANEL SURFACE is tough and durable, but can be scratched.

3. Cleaning Display Faces

Whenever needed, clean the unit’s DISPLAY with a soft cloth and mild, non-abrasive soap with warm water. The polycarbonate material used for the DISPLAY is strong and tough, but it scratches easily, so wash it carefully. Wash the DISPLAY SURFACE with a gentle motion and limited pressure to avoid marring.

The display face of the MC360 messaging trailer.

If you have any questions about maintaining your Street Dynamics radar speed signs and message trailers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.