Traffic Data Collector 2


Our latest product, the Traffic Data Collector 2 (TDC 2), with its reduced size and weight, gives you a barely-noticeable device to perform your traffic surveys, while at the same time allowing you to see the true speed of the vehicles in the area. With its new 4G option and standard short range wireless capabilities, it’s even easier to set up and retrieve survey data.

Don’t waste time or money contracting data collection services when you can own both your data and the data collection unit. Enjoy the freedom of conducting traffic and speed services anywhere in your community on your own schedule.

It is rare for a city to have just one street with speeding problems. The TDC 2 is easily relocated to quickly start collecting traffic information. And with the optional 4G connection, you can quickly make the needed decisions on deployment of speed reduction equipment or enforcement personnel.

The Street Dynamics TDC 2. Collect traffic data anywhere with this small, lightweight, portable traffic data collector.

Small Size. Huge Features.


Messaging signs and radar speed trailers work to slow down traffic and modify driver behavior in the vicinity of the sign. But if you want to study how people are driving when they feel like no one is watching, then you need a solution like the Street Dynamics Traffic Data Collector 2 (TDC 2).

Encased in a weatherproof housing that is approximately the size of a paperback novel, the TDC 2 utilizes our legendary radar technology to collect data on both approaching traffic (i.e.- vehicles moving towards your sign) and receding traffic (i.e.- vehicles moving away from your sign) so you can measure traffic data on both sides of your street with one convenient traffic system.

Pair your TDC 2 with optional 4G to the Street Dynamics Web Portal to access your live data from anywhere, or download stored data from your TDC 2 via USB and view it in the included Easy Analyst software. Either option allows you to create beautiful, NHTSA-compliant free-flow traffic counts, speed analysis charts, traffic flow graphics, and more.

Check on the overall status of your TDC 2 from the safety of your vehicle via your phone with the TDC 2’s included short range wireless capabilities, or from your desk if your TDC 2 is equipped with optional 4G. 

Use your traffic data to support grant applications, community policing efforts, and infrastructure planning. 

TDC 2 mounted to a metal pole collecting traffic data

More Features. More Benefits.

A close up view of the TDC 2 traffic data collector from Stalker Street Dynamics

Gathers data across at least 2 lanes of traffic (placement dependent)

IP-65 & NEMA-4

Access from anywhere with the optional 4G modem + the Web Portal

Collects data from both approaching and receding vehicle traffic

Radar range of 900' (274 m)

On-device menus for configuration

7 GB of internal memory can store data from over 200 million vehicles

Short-range wireless

USB control and data offload

Power Options


    • Internal Battery capable of operating at least 8 days
    • Solar Power Kit allows for ongoing continuous traffic data collection indefinitely
The TDC 2 from Stalker Street Dynamics can run for 8 days on battery power, or indefinitely with the solar power option.

Quick Setup


Easily relocate your TDC 2 to conduct traffic surveys anywhere.

The included mounting kit comes with options for round metal or wood utility poles, round or square signposts, and u-channel applications.


All In One Package


The TDC 2 and accessories come packaged in a rugged hardshell case to protect your investment when not in use.

A simple mount for the Traffic Data Collector allows the unit to be easily relocated in moments.

Data without analysis is just a bunch of numbers…

Create Traffic Data Reports in Just a Few Clicks

Stalker Street Dynamics offers TDC 2 users three ways to analyze the traffic data they collect:

Street Dynamics Web Portal

Choose the Web Portal if you’d like to access your traffic data from anywhere.

Stalker Easy Analyst

Create basic traffic data reports in just a few clicks.

Stalker Traffic Analyst

When you need more complex, detailed reports, choose Traffic Analyst.

All 3 options allow you to create full-color line charts, pie charts, scatterplots, and more so you can best communicate your message with law enforcement, city planners, grant applications, concerned residents, and other stakeholders.

Connection Options:

4G (optional)

Control and Data

Short-Range Wireless via Android & iOS Apps


The TDC 2 comes with a USB-C connection so you can easily download your traffic data

USB-C Thumb Drive


The TDC 2 comes with a USB-C connection so you can easily download your traffic data

Direct-to-PC via USB-C cable

Control and Data

Have questions about how the TDC 2 can make your community safer?


Please contact your sales representative for available accessories.