Traffic Data Collector


An unobtrusive, discrete way to collect accurate traffic data about the normal, free-flow traffic counts and speeds on your city streets.

The Traffic Data Collector covertly tracks and stores traffic counts, vehicle speeds, 85th percentile speeds and much more.

Collect The Traffic Data You Need


Messaging signs and radar speed trailers work to slow down traffic and modify driver behavior in the vicinity of the sign. But if you want to study how people are driving when they feel like no one is watching, then you need a solution like the Street Dynamics Traffic Data Collector (TDC).

Housed in a weatherproof, lockable housing, the Traffic Data Collector utilizes our legendary radar technology to collect data on both closing traffic (i.e.- vehicles moving towards your sign) and away traffic (i.e.- vehicles moving away from your sign) so you can measure traffic data on both sides of your street with one convenient traffic system.

Once you have collected your data, you can download it into the included Easy Analyst software to create beautiful, NHTSA-compliant free-flow traffic counts, speed analysis charts, traffic flow graphics, and more.

The software is intuitive and easy to use, and the reports can be used to support grant applications, community policing efforts, and infrastructure planning.

The Traffic Data Collector has a large battery, and can also be used with an optional solar panel.

Powerful Radar at the heart of the TDC

The Traffic Data Collector features a K-band antenna manufactured by Stalker Radar, the leading manufacturer of radar speed enforcement products in the United States.

The k-band radar inside the traffic data collector can track vehicles hundreds of feet away.

Stalker K-Band Doppler Radar

Gathers data across up to 3 lanes of traffic simultaneously

Collects data from both closing and away traffic

800’ (244 m) range

Power Options


    • Internal Battery capable of operating up to 7 days
    • Solar Power Kit allows for ongoing, continuous traffic data collection indefinitely

Secure Mounting


    • Utility pole mounting bracket
    • Square or round sign post mounting bracket.
A simple mount for the Traffic Data Collector allows the unit to be easily relocated in moments.
Analyze data collected by the Traffic Data Collector using the Easy Analyst software.

Easy Analyst Software

Transform the raw data collected by your TDC into useful full-color graphs and reports.
Choose to display traffic data as bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and more so you can best communicate your message with stakeholders.
Easy Analyst is included for free with every Traffic Data Collector, and there are no ongoing subscriptions or fees for using it.

Traffic Data Transfer Options

USB Thumb Drive

Direct-to-PC via USB cable

Have questions about how the Traffic Data Collector can make your community safer?