Small, but Mighty


The SAM-R is our most compact, easy-to-tow radar speed trailer. Its rotating mast makes it a breeze for just one person to set up, and allows the display to be angled directly towards oncoming traffic no matter which direction you have to park the trailer. It also features changeable SPEED LIMIT sign numbers.

The SAM-R not only functions as a radar “YOUR SPEED” sign, but it is also a powerful traffic data collector. Gather and store months-worth of traffic data, then download the information into the included Easy Analyst software to convert into sharable traffic data reports.

The SAM-R speed trailer is a YOUR SPEED sign that can be towed anywhere.

High Visibility Display


The SAM-R’s bright 18” amber LED characters are legible from up to 1,000’ (305 m) away and features proprietary LED Lamp Matrix and LED Pulse Width Modulation technology. The LED Lamp Matrix concentrates and focuses the LED’s light, allowing the motorist to see the sign at a greater distance and, thus, act on the speed warning quicker.

LED Pulse Width Modulation significantly increases the time between battery charges and powers the LED’s so that they remain at a consistent brightness throughout the battery’s entire discharge cycle.

When you are ready to move your speed trailer, simply rotate and lock the sign into its streamlined travel configuration for easier towing and improved wind resistance.

The SAM-R radar speed trailer is visible from up to 1,000 feet away.

Industry-Leading Radar


The SAM-R’s powerful Traffic Statistics Sensor K-Band radar offers unparalleled range, sensitivity, and tracking power. It can acquire vehicle speeds from as far as 1,200’ (365 m) away.

The SAM-R is equipped with a Stalker Radar K-Band radar speed sensor.

 Power Up


The SAM radar speed trailer can run for 8-10 days of continuous operation using its Group 27 12-volt battery. You can also choose to add a second battery if desired.

A top-mount solar panel comes standard, allowing you to run your sign indefinitely. The solar panel needs only 2.5 hours of bright sunlight to recharge a full day’s worth of battery power.

The Street Dynamics SAM-R radar speed trailer comes with a solar panel included.

Traffic Statistics


In addition to measuring speeds, the SAM-R radar speed trailer can be used to collect and store traffic data including vehicle speeds, vehicle classification, 85th percentile data, and more. This data can then be downloaded into the Easy Analyst software to create clear, colorful reports, charts, and graphics that you can present to your department, city council, and infrastructure managers.

Hand-Held Controller


The SAM is easy to use with its dedicated hand-held controller. Get complete programming and diagnostic functions right in the palm of your hand.

Program your SAM-R and run diagnostics with the hand-held controller

We stand behind our products. That is why the SAM-R radar speed trailer comes with a 2-year warranty on the sign and trailer, a 1-year warranty for the battery, and a 5-year warranty on the solar panel. 

Ready to add a SAM-R radar speed trailer to your traffic safety lineup?